Saturday, May 6, 2017

Miss Black UT criticized for 'not being black enough'

Via Billy

A University of Texas senior is facing internet backlash after being crowned Miss Black University of Texas (UT).

Rachael Malonson is biracial and said because of her skin tone, some people don't recognize that. In fact, some of her critics have told her she's not black enough.

She said she entered this pageant to feel more empowered as a black woman, but after winning the competition she was met with some criticism she didn't expect.
"Someone literally asked me are you black?  Can you prove it to me? " Malonson said. "I was like yes, my dad's black and my mom's white."

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  1. Why is there a "Miss Black" anything? Is there a Miss Oriental, Miss Native American, or Miss Angelo-Saxon?

    This reminds me of a South African friend of mine who had a son in one of the Atlanta high schools. They had a "Mr. African American" and he entered with the campaign platform that all other entrants were too far removed from any African heritage as they never knew any living relative that had come form Africa and he was born in Africa. The school canceled the event after some drama...

  2. Weren't Obama's parents exactly the same? Dad Black and Mom white?

    Would anyone dare state he's not Black enough?

    It's a perfectly clear example of "pick your argument to suit your agenda" bullying!

  3. Tony, your South African friend would have probably been the only African American, since everyone else, regardless of race, would simply be Americans. More precisely ALL people born in America are native Americans. --Ron W

    1. Yes and my Injun' Confederate friend say that no one on the reservation refers to native Americans, only Indians,

  4. Brock, your comment re: Indians and the reservation reminds me of this short video clip of Trump before Congress in 1993:

    --Ron W

    1. Excellent. Thanks.