Saturday, May 6, 2017

Second Trump Nominee For Army Secretary Withdraws

Via comment by Ron W on Trump’s Army sec. pick — a combat hero and devout ...


Exactly three months after Virtu's billionaire founder Vincent Viola announced he was withdrawing for consideration as Trump's army secretary, becoming the first of several Trump appointees to voluntarily decline to serve the president, moments ago Trump's second appointee for army secretary, Mark Green, has also withdrawn his nomination.

“It is with deep regret I am withdrawing my nomination to be the secretary of the Army,” he said in a statement.

The reason for his withdrawal is that democrats and various military groups had opposed Green over his past comments about the LGBA community, Muslims and Latinos as well as legislation he worked on in the Tennessee state senate.

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  1. Thanks. Mark Green doesn't need to subject himself to hostile questioning from leftist senators and RINO's like John McCain because he supports gun rights , pro-traditional marriage and doesn't appease sharia and jihad. I'm looking forward to him returning to Tennessee and continuing his candidacy for our Governor. --Ron W