Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pompous Pontificating

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A great deal is said about Saul Alinsky and his "Rules for radicals", especially now that Der Trump has been elected, and seeks to govern.  Any mention of Alinsky is worthwhile, in the effort to educate the people to their danger.

BUT, and it is a big But, the real snake in the grass was, and is, Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Communist Strategist who developed the 'March through the Institutions' program to overthrow the American Republic.  It is WORTHY OF NOTE that Bill Clinton studied with Gramsci in Italy, for months, while supposedly a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford.  Gramsci is the father of the Communist cadre in every school, college, university and even seminary in the US.  He is the sponsor of the communist movement in the trade unions and 'professional' associations.  He inspires the communist bent in Media.  He pointed he way to corrupt the 'charities' and 'do gooder' outfits.  He laid out the plan to co-opt the civil rights movements, and the other trendy and fashionable 'rights' schemers.

Gramsci will be remembered and revered by the victors when the USA finally falls to their insidious sedition.


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