Saturday, May 6, 2017

New Orleans is Ground Zero


The social justice jihad to eliminate “white supremacy” was spawned by the successful eradication of Confederate memorabilia. Americans were not overly concerned about the disparagement of Confederate heroes but when the disparagement was turned against the Founding Fathers and Western Civilization in general, they began to take notice. The public finally realized they weren’t witnessing isolated incidents but a well-coordinated movement, promulgated by national and international forces.

The cultural cleansing of New Orleans is the latest illustration of the mindset that you can create an anti-septic city by eliminating anything that smacks of “white supremacy.” After Confederate relics are demolished, the purging of the city’s “white supremacy reminders” will be demanded. New Orleans journalists want you to believe that this is simply a grassroots effort calling for the removal of historical monuments that many perceive as offensive. But the New Orleans organization demanding the removal of historical memorials, Take ‘Em Down Nola, is an affiliate of Black Lives Matter, an incendiary international movement funded by extreme Leftist groups.


  1. What they wish eliminated is white people.

  2. Starting at 1:30 PM on Sunday antifas are conducting their largest planned take it down action in NOLA.
    This is serious business. If we loose this battle, we might
    as well walk around looking at our feet for the rest of our
    lives. Stalin/Lenin resurrected.
    Black pro-Confederates are the only ones guarding the

  3. Hi Brock,
    'Goes back a few years, nothing "New" about this mess..... plug this in..

    1. Thanks.