Friday, May 26, 2017

Why 63 Million Trump Voters Will Never Leave Trump

Via John

 Why 63 Million Trump Voters Will Never Leave Trump

The latest poll numbers are out. Rasmussen (the most accurate poll of the 2016 election) has Trump at 48 percent approval.

It's important to note that's just about the exact same place he was at when he was elected president- just under half the country supports him. Since we come out to vote in much higher numbers...and we have an electoral edge in Midwest battleground states...48 percent is all Trump needs to win re-election again.

Keep in mind that's after the two worst weeks in the history of modern presidents. That's after two weeks of the most biased, vicious, negative media coverage in modern history. That's after firing the FBI Director.

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  1. Besides that, all I see on the other side are commies, er, Progressives, same thing.