Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rep. Brat: Despite Fake News, AG Jeff Sessions Restoring Integrity at DOJ

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“The Department of Justice has been politically-tainted for eight years under the leadership of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, now Attorney General Sessions is restoring integrity to the Department of Justice,” Brat said in the statement.

“AG Sessions was one of the first individuals to reach out to me after my election, and I consider him to be a true personal friend,” Brat said. “He is the principled man we need in such a key position of leadership in our country.”

Brat continued by saying he believes Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from any investigation of the Trump campaign — in which Sessions played a role — and Russian meddling was the right thing to do.

“Unfortunately, in this city there is very little incentive to do the right thing, especially if you are a Republican,” Brat said. “In retrospect, it is easy to Monday-morning quarterback on a decision made months ago.

And Brat also noted the role the media has played in the ongoing narrative about Trump and the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia, calling it “fake news” and noting that the goal by the president’s enemies — including the Left-wing media — is for him to be forced from his duly elected office.

“One thing is for sure: when AG Sessions erred on the side of caution by recusing himself, he never could have foreseen the 24/7 full-throated obsession over Russia by the mainstream media,” Brat said.

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