Friday, August 25, 2017

ANTIFA confront White Nationalists in Charlottesville

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“Let’s put the RED back in redneck,” is the slogan of Redneck Revolt, a rapidly expanding nationwide network of gun-toting leftists who confront White Nationalists at public demonstrations.
“The Left is getting armed again and I am honored to be a part of that,” said Mitchell Lewis of the Silver Valley chapter of Redneck Revolt in Davidson County, North Carolina who was in Charlottesville, Virginia carrying an AR-15 rifle against White Nationalist protestors.

At least five chapters of Redneck Revolt, heavily armed with AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and other weapons, were at the “Unite the Right” demonstration last weekend in Charlottesville.

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  1. I would ask those of the Redneck Revolt, just how well did John Brown's revolt at Harper's Ferry turn out for him?
    Two, if you are advocating for the violent over throw of the US Government because you did not get your way in the last election. That is sedition and YOU are a traitor. You deserve to be shot on the spot, no questions asked. There are plenty of veterans out there, who consider their oath of enlistment/oath of commission did NOT end when they left the military. So, you would will be considered a domestic enemy. A word to the wise (which you are not) be very afraid of an old man, who was in a profession where men die young. He is old for a reason, and will likely have a very bad attitude.

    1. That is sedition and YOU are a traitor....will likely have a very bad attitude.

      So be it.

  2. One more thing, that RED back in redneck will not be from a sun burn, just your blood as YOU bleed out.

    1. But hopefully few from real Rednecks and many from these commies.