Friday, August 25, 2017

Comment on: National Cathedral weighing removal of stain glass windows of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

.........they don't want to be reminded of their years of slavery............:)

......Then they need to be reminded that if they are living on welfare/EBT/or other government social services for their survival. If they have generations of children who have known only that. If they vote without question for the politician with the big letter D after the name; They are still living in a soft form of slavery (without the chains and "masta" whipping them). They also need to be reminded, there are many who need to keep the old wounds of the past, still fresh as if happened recently, lest the professional grievance pushers lose the job, money and status. What would the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et. al. do, if they had to hold an honest job for a living? The Party of Evil (aka Democrats) do not like racial harmony, since if there was they would be out of a job. They need an ongoing racial tense, for the votes to keep them in office. I would also like to remind them, you can not move forward if you continue to look into the rearview mirror. Being offended or what ever is a choice. They also need to keep in mind that every single one of theirs, the other guys and my ancestors are all, without exception equally dead. They being dead are in no position to appreciate any thing one does on their behalf. My contribution for a more civil society is to use the address of sir or ma'am said a respectful tone of voice to my fellow American who just happens to be black (or any thing else for that matter). I would also like to point out that the social problems that plague blacks in America, especially those in living major inner cities, are a direct result of the government programs, that destroyed the two parent black family, encouraged out of wedlock birth rates, drug and alcohol abuse, high abortion rates. As I see it, it is children growing up without the benefit of a real involved father (and not a "baby daddy") that is at the core of the problem. It is impossible to have a stable society where young males do not know how to act like a man and young females do not know how that same young male should treat them.

Of all the black Americans alive today not a single one of the was a cotton picking slave. Zero. Neither I, parents or any of my ancestors starting with the very first one, who stepped off THE Mayflower as an indentured servant owned slaves. So those with the chip on their shoulders ought to get over themselves. Their ancestors were slaves, but they are not. Reality check here, black Americans still enjoy a standard of living that the majority of blacks living in Africa will NEVER have. Never. Blacks were not the only ones who got the shaft. There was a time when it was common to see this sign: Help wanted. Irish need not apply. Are there whites who are racist against blacks? Absolutely. However they are a very small minority of population and in the case of the skin heads, neo(wannabe)Nazis and the ever unpopular KKK are view as being the idiots, low class losers and thugs that they are. The rest of the white population does not have the time or the energy to be racist as we are too busy working, and minding our own business for such nonsense.



  1. They should totally remove them. And give them to me!

    Who gets all this stuff? I'm sure a museum would want them, but would such museum truly want them or just want to give the impression that they'll find a suitable resting place? I actually want them.

    That would be epic.

    Some stuff seems to be destroyed even, if I read correctly.

    1. Some stuff seems to be destroyed

      Guess I missed that. The moment the flags came down around Lee's resting place at W&L, the Lee family should have moved all the the Lee's to Beauvoir where they would be safe.

      PS Including Traveller! :)

    2. All members of the Lee Family don't necessarily respect Lee. I assume he's best left at W&L.

      If both Washington and Lee are "offensive", then I assume the university will eventually need to rename itself the Obama University.

    3. All members of the Lee Family don't necessarily respect Lee.

      Then their names should no more be acknowledged. His Granddaughter, Mrs. DeButts gave me an old, water stained picture of Lee and His Generals which hangs at Dixieland. She and her husband came to my father's funeral which made me prouder than if the Queen of England had cone.

  2. I actually agree with, apply and want applied to myself, being "judged by the content of character rather than the color of skin". But then, that attitude may even be considered "racist" since it is deemed part of "white privilege". Incredible! --Ron W

    1. , that attitude may even be considered "racist" since it is deemed part of "white privilege". Incredible!