Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Boston struggles to maintain equal treatment und- er the law while maintainig public safety

Via Iver

“The people that are opposing free speech are waving communist flags,” McKay said. “Think about that. These people, in their communist and socialist utopias, would not be able to do what they are doing.”

On Nov. 18, 2017 Resist Marxism organizers for the “Rally for the Republic” in the Boston Common decided to go ahead with their rally despite having not been officially granted a permit that they accepted. 
Having made no agreements with the City, the group was barred from entering the common with flags on flag poles, were subjected to searches upon entering the area where their sound system was set up, and Police restricted access into their event.
Organizer Mark Sahady said that, given the Mayor's refusal to make a public statement correcting his previous comments about the Boston Free Speech rally in August, it was the group's primary goal to get their message out, especially given that they had speakers coming from out of town.


  1. Well if you can ban one flag....why not ban another?

    Since when did giving into a bully help the situation?

    Sound off like you gotta pair!!!

    Y'all have a nice day.

    1. Since when did giving into a bully help the situation?