Tuesday, November 28, 2017

SHOCK VIDEO: Students undergo ‘disturbing sensory experiences’ to drive out prejudice

Via Billy


Some San Diego State University students are undergoing what organizers acknowledge is a “disturbing” series of “sensory experiences” in an attempt to drive out students’ prejudicial tendencies and help make them less oppressive.

The annual workshop, “Journey to a Shared Humanity,” is described on the university’s website as a way for organizers to get students to “step outside their comfort zone and into the shoes of those who are struggling with oppressive circumstances.”

This year, some students were required to attend the event as part of their classes. During the experience, students are walked through a darkened multipurpose room to view a series of theatrical vignettes acted out by campus leaders.


  1. Waste of time, and $$$$$$ . CA in general.

  2. I'm still more than willing to support any and all efforts to help Mexifornia secede from the U.S. of A.. I would see it as akin to flushing a toilet.

    Y'all have a nice day.