Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Teflon Intellects in the wild


Raw Leftist arrogance.  

That’s what came to mind the other day when I was watching my kids in one of their sports activities.  I engaged a married couple in friendly parental chit-chat.  Somehow my blog came up; generically as I didn’t identify the slant of my politics or the website’s name, just the fact of it.  In response to a question about the orientation of my blog, I did state that I was “hard core Conservative”.  Both then identified themselves as being on the other end of the spectrum.  Fair enough.  Unlike the Borgleft* I don't demand that people agree with everything I say or believe.

They did press somewhat, and for the most part it was a civil, if not necessarily friendly, conversation… but then, in the course of the discussion, I mentioned Hillary’s 30,000 emails that had apparently been forwarded to a foreign email address (with some supposition it was  Chinese).Without missing a beat the husband said “That’s not true", and added "It can’t be true because I haven’t heard about it." 

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