Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Violent Left VIDEO: UNC Antifa Professor Assaults Big League Editor At Statue Tear-Down


Current University of North Carolina cultural anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon assaulted me, Patrick Howley, editor of Big League Politics, at the Monday night rally on campus grounds that led to the tearing down of the “Silent Sam” statue erected in 1913 to commemorate North Carolinians who died fighting for the Confederacy.

Dixon is a leader of the left-wing Redneck Revolt militia group and the undisputed leader of the rally at the University of North Carolina, which drew Antifa militants from around the region. Antifa insurgents tore down the statue and committed numerous assaults that were reported and also captured on tape.

I asked Dixon about his well-documented admissions that he chased driver James Fields with a rifle in Charlottesville right before Fields allegedly plowed into a crowd of protesters, killing Heather Heyer. His goons quickly surrounded me.

Dixon grabbed the phone out of my hand and repeatedly struck me.


  1. And he is carrying an AK. The rifle was designed to be easily mass produced and simple enough to operate so that the village idiot could operate it. By design it has a 6"MOA.

    1. simple enough to operate so that the village idiot could operate it.

      I'm sure you didn't mean to describe the good professor as an idiot, did you.........:)

    2. It's not like this piece of white trash holds a science accredited degree, of any kind.

    3. cultural anthropology = the branch of anthropology concerned with the study of human societies and cultures and their development.