Tuesday, September 18, 2018

NO, the Monument Stuff Won't Go Away

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In a remarkably candid commentary in Glamour (August 12, 2018), feminist Samantha Willis applauds the efforts to pull down monuments and plaques honoring those whom she and her allies consider flawed historical figures. Even after these social warriors get rid of all those Confederate monuments that the Daughters of the Confederacy inconveniently erected (there used to be at least 400 of them), they will then have to go on to other wrecking tasks. Ms. Willis ends her article with this revealing paragraph:

Debates about historically and socially significant symbols will likely keep rolling through the country. Whether the monuments and flags stay up or come down, whether we rename roads and schools to reflect standards of our time instead of the past, it’s clear that women enrich this national dialogue. By sharing their diverse perspectives gleaned from a range of identities and life experiences, women play a critical role in contextualizing the ideals and people in American history that we choose to memorialize—and those that we won’t.

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  1. I'm an "on the right" Conservative and I don't believe in "human equality". Does everyone have the same eye and hair color? Nope. Humans are not equal physically. Does everyone have the same intelligence Quotient? Nope. That's blatantly obvious. More inequality brought to you by Mother nature. As far as "human equality" goes I don't believe in the tooth fairy either and I put both beliefs in the same "fake news" category.

    1. I don't believe in the tooth fairy either

      At least I got a silver dime from it.....:)