Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Va Flaggers Update 4-2-2013: Museum of the Confederacy



Over the weekend, The MUSEUM OF THE CONFEDERACY celebrated the one year anniversary of REFUSING to fly a CONFEDERATE FLAG on the grounds of its Appomattox museum...

“Appomattox is a metaphor for the reunification of the country,” Museum of the Confederacy director Waite Rawls told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “To put the Confederate flag into that display would be a historical untruth.”


...AND recently announced that ULYSSES S. GRANT was voted "Person of the Year" for 1863 at its symposium...


"Who would Time have selected as the Person of the Year 1863? The Museum of the Confederacy and the Library of Virginia considered that question by inviting five historians to nominate someone for the title. Before the audience cast their votes for Person of the Year 1863, each historian presented an argument for their nominee and responded to questions from the audience.

*** The audience voted Ulysses S. Grant as Person of the Year 1863. ***

Professor Edward Ayers nominated U.S. Colored Troops; Professor Joseph Glatthaar nominated Ulysses S. Grant; Historian Robert Krick nominated “Stonewall” Jackson; Professor Thomas Sebrell nominated John Russell; and Professor Jennifer Weber nominated Clement Vallandigham.
The Museum of the Confederacy’s 2013 Symposium was held on February 23, 2013 at the Library of Virginia."

Many individuals and SCV Camps have cancelled their memberships and let Museum of the Confederacy officials know WHY, but hundreds more STILL support those who apparently would join the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the NAACP, and other groups in calling for the removal of the flag of our ancestors from public display. 

Are YOU mad enough yet?

Boycott the museum.  Cancel your membership. Tell museum officials you will not support a Museum of the Confederacy that is too ashamed to fly the Battle Flag of the Confederate soldier. 

Waite Rawls, President and CEO

1201 E. Clay Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (855) 649-1861 ext. 130


  1. If you create an organization with titles, board meetings, commitees, etc. it will fill up with lefties. Its there natural habitat, like flies on manure.

    1. Its there natural habitat, like flies on manure.

      That's appropriate.:)