Thursday, May 2, 2013

Attention NC Citizens!
NC House Bill 786 -Reclaim NC Act (the bill that provides drivers' licenses (permits) and state ID cards to illegal aliens in NC), passed another hurdle on Wednesday, May 1st. It was approved by the NC House Judiciary Sub-Committee B and is now in the NC House Finance Committee.
This is the last step before it goes to the House floor for a vote! 
We MUST make sure that several clauses and sections in this bill are fixed before it leaves this committee. If you don't stand up and say "FIX THIS BILL" now, you will be "sold down the river" by this Republican sponsored bill.
1) This bill does not help unemployed NC citizens get the jobs the illegal aliens currently have (and I'm not talking about stoop farm labor). In fact, it makes it easier for the illegal aliens to get to those jobs, by giving drivers' licenses (permits) to all illegal aliens in NC!
2) It exempts the employers from prosecution if they hire them, as long as the illegal alien has one of these state issued drivers' licenses (permits) or a state issued ID card.
3) It wipes out our current e-verify law. Currently, the employer does not have to check for legal status of his employees IF they are classified as a seasonal worker (90 days or less). This bill  redefines a seasonal worker as anyone who works less than one year! That means, employers need not verify the immigration status of seasonal, intermittent, temporary, or day laborers. Not only is this provision patently unfair to employees who do not fit this description, but it creates an exception for the worst violators of federal law who employ scores of illegal aliens. Also, the bill creates a huge loophole and perverse incentive for employers to manipulate the terms of their employees’ employment so as to avoid complying with North Carolina’s E-Verify law.
In light of the recent bombings in Boston, it is unconscionable to be issuing licenses and ID's to illegal aliens, especially if you can't prove who they are. There is NO DATABASE in Mexico, to check the validity of the records that are required, to get one of these licenses or ID's. Our NCDMV employees will have to simply accept what they are handed as being truthful and continue with the process of creating a brand new identity for a possible terrorist who is intent on killing us!
PLEASE contact the Finance Committee members listed below with the following message:
Rep. Harry Warren is touting HB786 as a law enforcement assistance bill, NOT an illegal alien assistance bill! Let's ensure that it lives up to his vision.
Remove Section 8(f) that redefines the term employee,

Remove Section 8(g) that redefines a seasonal worker from 90 days to "less than one year",

Remove Section 8(h) that exempts employers from prosecution if the employee has one of the state issued restricted licenses or ID's and

Remove Section 9, (the license language) ENTIRELY!
This is extremely important to all of us in North Carolina! Please take 2 minutes to contact these Representatives.
James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879

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