Thursday, May 2, 2013

PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP. Please make this message for help go viral!

Via Michael

PLEASE REPOST THIS ON MANY FB PAGES AND WEBSITES! Please pardon my typos. I am in pain and moderate shock from what just happened which I am trying to write about. It is 4 am and I am still not calmed down enough to sleep!

Tonight 7-10 male Law Enforement Officers in heavy body armour broke into my home and did much destruction. I am injured, but do not know how bad. The 1st year Sheriff Deputy, Greta Vaughan who broke and entered into my house two weeks ago giving no reason, that we were going to bring charges against but were not permitted to do when to a judge and got a search warrant for my home and took over $25-30,000 worth of my handguns, all in absolutely new condition some worth $2,000+ each. She wanted to search for guns since Christopher always open carries. Sheriff Deputies blocked Christopher from entering the Forsyth Court House last week. That is another whole story.

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  1. Any verification? Anybody know Tim Manning personally?

    1. He's an active Southern writer and wonder if he got hacked? Seems like if he did, he would have found out by now. Here is an example of his stuff. If you search you will see many more and well written.

  2. While there has been ample evidence of thug tactics before...this guys story stinks!

    Hmmmmmm..$300,000+ dollar home, $25-30,000 in firearms but cannot afford a trip to the ER.

    Methinks someone has their priorities out of whack.

    "If any of you have 9 mm, 357 mags, or 45 LC or 45 ACP and would like to make a donation to my safety please phone me at (336) 420-5355." - gimmegimmegimme....sounds like an Obamabot

    "Then they set a diversionary explosive in my entrance hallway." - Sorry, not buying it. Too many LEO's would be going in and out.

    1. Yes, strange and here's another which Roger U commented on.

  3. Sounds like a BS story to me.
    Maybe I should send him my bank account number.

    Wait....might as well. There ain't nuthin' in it anyway.

    1. Christopher Manning Speaks: I have videos and photographs

      Editor’s note: This is the third installment covering the raid on Tim Manning’s home on Wednesday, May 1′st 2013. Manning’s son Christopher told his version of the events surrounding his arrest and subsequent raid, which they say , was conducted by elements of the Forsyth County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Department and Homeland Security, on his father’s home. The following was posted on his father’s ( Tim Manning) Facebook page on May 5, 2013- Editor

      Okay ladies and gents “FIRST HAND ACCOUNT from the man it happened to.”

      Firstly, THERE ARE VIDEOS and many photos of portions of these events. I was charged with “prohibited practices.” In the court house, I clearly showed everyone my ID, since I was coming into the Forsyth County Court House to arrest a wanted criminal. I pissed off a security guard because I read (quoted) to him our rights of arrest as established by the Supreme Court decisions of “Taylor vs Taintor” and “NC State vs Mathis.” They refused to allow me enter the Forsyth County Court House to do my job, and I video taped them, in a public place. I know personally from not only video, but my professional and legal counsel say “its far more than clear and never once have said anything about being law enforcement, nor had anything on showing such” so everyone can deal with it. They knew well before the raid on my home that I was in Greensboro and came to my Mom and Dad house anyway.

      Secondly, they served a Search Warrant on my home, over a misdemeanor!? Yeah right, my ass. The Search Warrant showed that they wanted computers, e-storage devices, anti-gov material, my badge, my handcuffs and all equipment I use for my job. In full body armour they stormed in claiming that your son Christopher Manning had no position in the NCDOI (North Carolina Division of Insurance)., is the link showing i am very much active and currently working. It should be as illegal for a government civil employee or agent or law enforcement officer to lie to a CITIZEN as it is illegal for a citizen to lie to a law enforcement agent or to lie in court before a judge. IF I WERE BREAKING THE LAW, I’D BE SUSPENDED OR GIVEN A “REVOKED STATUS.” So get over what I was supposedly doing period. I’m sick of hearing the BS over what I did and what they are alleging I did. I know I’m in the clear, did nothing illegal or immoral and have no problem fighting their false accusation or proving anything I need to prove about my actions.

      The DHS (Department of Homeland Security aka – Anal Probing Big Brother) DID NOT take anything of real interest to what the arrest warrants state. They took a bunch of empty boxes, tomato/flower plants in small seeding starting moss pots that my father planted for our front flower beds), my “fathers” firearms (NOT mine), and my poor kitties (“Mosbys”) towel where she sleeps and sits on the desk writing board by my Dads computer. I mean “really”? They missed all kinda of shit that you would have they would have taken if these two misdemeanor charges made against me were actually about me and anything I have actually done.

      More @