Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kern County Sheriff's Office, comments on........

 They need some more.


Via comment by Anonymous on Police Beat a Father To Death While He Begs For Help..........

  • Randy Lucas
    11 · 27 minutes ago
  • Tammy Watson Cecil
    I agree with EVERYTHING these people say. Only corrupt, evil, greedy, SICK pigs do this kind of shit. I have never before said anything disrespectful to the cops...ever. This is bullshit! I have seen with my own eyes what cops do. It is not good.
    28 minutes ago
  • Randy Lucas
    just so you pieces of shit know you can still recover deleted files from a phone fucking morons, you give the phones to the fbi lol bad move it let you know now those cops will not get off of this we are getting sick and tired of cops killing people, what do you think we will just lie down and let this go?NO FUCKING WAY . THOSE COPS ARE MURDERERS JUST LIKE THE PIECE OF SHIT COPS THAT KILLED Kelly Thomas THEY ARE ALL CHARGED WITH MURDER AND SO WILL THESE COPS AND JUST KNOW WE ARE AWARE OF THIS NOW FUCK YOU PIGS
    1 · 59 minutes ago
  • Robert Swartzwelder
    You lost the videos? Big surprise there, you ignorant fucks! Rot in hell motherfuckers.
    about an hour ago

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