Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Video Shows California Police Break Into Private Home, Attack Homeowner Filming

Via jadinardo

 A new video shows police from Cotati, California forcing their way into a home after a supposed domestic violence call and, after breaking down the homeowners door without a warrant, tazing the person filming their tyranny.

In the video the person filming reacts to one of the officers saying they are going to kick the door in by reciting sections of the 4th Amendment and making it clear that no violence had gone on at their house.

When asked by the officers why he refused to allow 4 heavily armed men invade his house, the person filming replied:

"Because we don't live in a police state, sir. Martial law has not been established in this country."


  1. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

  2. I hear jackboots...and wonder if anything will come of this.

    The Revolution will be on YouTube, not television. At least until Obama (or his underling) pulls the plug on the 'net.

    FYI, Gilk v Cunniffee is the case that established that a private citizen has the right to film a public official on duty (i.e. the cops), and that arresting said citizen on a 'wiretapping' charge was unconstitutional. Now you know.

  3. Each individual "officer" needs to be force to have THEIR homes broken into and one of THEIR family members tazed. I am so sick of these bastard!

  4. And fired as well Brock.