Sunday, January 12, 2014

Northern Virginia Food Wars: Pho

Dated. I was looking for the current Pho article in Virginia Living and came across this. 



 Northern Virginia Magazine

Pho is to Northern Virginia as Pizza is to Brooklyn. So naturally we want to know which Pho house is the best of the best. We’ve placed our Pho houses at random against each other and we’re leaving the title of BEST PHO in NoVA in your hands. In a Final Four style, each day two different Pho houses will go up against each other in a total of four mouth-watering rounds. Voting will begin December 15th from 8am-5pm for each round. We will announce the winner of NoVA Wars: Pho Monday January 17th! Happy slurping!

(For those who are new to Pho.)

Pho (pronounced fuh): is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup. The broth is usually homemade, by boiling chicken stock or beef in water. The meat which can be found in pho can be virtually anything or a combination of the following: pork, beef, tripe, chicken, barbeque. Pho can be customized to however you wish to eat it. On a menu you will typically find every option with a number in front of it. For example: In most Pho houses you will find if you order a number one it has everything in it.

Pho is served in three sizes:

Large=Bathtub size

Pho used in typical conversation: You haven’t tried Pho!? Do you live under a rock?


  1. Pho get that . . . no just kidding, that sounds really good. I'm pretty sure I've eaten that before but I do not recall the name and it certainly wasn't in NC, I'm way down in southern Texas.

    1. :) It's the most popular of Vietnamese foods for Americans.