Monday, April 28, 2014

Gov. Perry Lures Toyota Sales HQ to Texas from California

 Image: Gov. Perry Lures Toyota Sales HQ to Texas from California

Gov. Rick Perry has scored another good jobs get for Texas, luring Toyota Motor Corp.'s U.S. sales headquarters to suburban Dallas from its current location in southern California.

The relocation likely will bring much of the Japanese automaker's far-flung U.S. operations under one roof, including sales, service, marketing, advertising, manufacturing and quality, the people said.
Toyota is not the first company to announce plans to leave California for Texas. In February, Occidental Petroleum Corp. said it would move from Los Angeles to Houston.

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  1. Will not be long and Texas will mirror California. You simply cannot import Californians and not expect the California attitude to follow. I am not sure if Texas has reached the point of no return but if it has not it is very close. My guess is 2016 will be the last year Texas is a republican state if it is not too late already and it goes democrat in 2016.


    1. The increase in Mexicans will need to be curtailed for it not to do so in the future, though the older ones are more conservative.