Monday, April 28, 2014

Little Washington NC: Tornado report from my cousin
On Friday Evening around 710 PM, a tornado E3 touched down about about 300 to 400 yards from the front of my home.  I had no damage to my home or property, just some twigs and pine cones in my yard and deck.  It did take out a building in a field across from me and several trees at the beginning of my street.  Prior to getting to my area, it came across my brother’s home and did extensive damage to it and it will probably be condemned.  
My brother’s home is about 3 miles or less as the crow flies from me.  The following video shows some of the damage to his home.  The video also reports a 94 year old lady being thrown from her mobile home into a field.  She lives about 1/2 mile to the east of me right off of 264.  She suffered only a broken arm or leg (I believe).  The power went off immediately and came back around noon on Saturday.  We are so thankful my brother and his wife were not injured or others seriously injured.  My house did shake as it went by.  More chances for severe weather is forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, with today and Friday having less of a chance for it.
Cousin Colby

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