Monday, April 28, 2014

Cliven Bundy

Via Sioux

Screw them, he ought to double down. Ain't no way this makes a hill of beans as to what is necessary to bring this country to it's senses and there is no way an honorable man can converse with commies anyway.

It has become clear that Cliven Bundy was transgressed by the New York Times, his words taken out of context and retailed in such a way as to mean something they were not. Bundy is no racist, and the attempt to make him look like one is another step downward in the collapse of American national media.

But conservatives still have a right -- in fact, a responsibility -- to be annoyed with Bundy.


  1. The same goes with the cops. Anything you say will turn 360 degrees in court is from what I have read not experienced.