Friday, November 21, 2014

Another Reason Jeb Bush Should Not be the GOP Candidate in 2016 - He Loves the Common Core


Jeb Bush has designs on the White House in 2016. For many in the GOP Establishment, Bush has the inside track on the nomination and that should be disturbing for the rest of us.

The former Governor of Florida was given a perfect opportunity to finally turn his back on the abomination that is the Common Core… instead Bush chose to do just the opposite. He reaffirmed his undying support of the horrific education scheme and for many of us, killed his chances to earn our vote.


  1. All Show and No Go - he proved that when he could have saved Terri Schiavo, but let her die in the most horrific way.
    I agree with Ann Barnhardt - anyone who wants to be POTUS these days and actually gets anointed to run, well, that person is a psychopath.

    1. He would be the absolute worst choice. Talk about him getting 0 votes from the Tea party.

  2. 2016: Elizabeth Warren vs Jeb!

    I will leave you with that inevitability - This Tea Party Girl will no more vote for the "lesser of two EVILS"

  3. & talk about two evils! :) Anyone who thinks Common Core is a good idea, is obviously a collectivist, regardless their affiliation.