Friday, November 21, 2014

Dear Evangeline… The wartime love letters to a girl in rural North Carolina from THREE soldiers who all wanted to marry her on their return

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Never met: Evangeline Poteat (right) ultimately chose Teal Davis (left), an air-crew chief stationed in Burma - even though they had never met

The annals of war are full of stories of lovelorn soldiers on the front line, dreaming wistfully of a girl back home. 

Evangeline Poteat was one such dream girl ... but rather than consuming the thoughts of a single soldier, she was desired by three.

Now, a collection of 18 love letters sent to the 22-year-old factory worker from the trio of admirers during the Second World War are to go under the hammer.

They reveal three men in love, each fighting on two fronts: on one for their country, and on another for her heart.

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