Friday, November 21, 2014

Communist leaflet tells St. Louis students to ‘take Amerikkka if the murdering pig walks’

Via comment by Chester Cheetah on Rogue President

Students at Saint Louis University were handed a communist leaflet as they walked between classes Wednesday afternoon that declared “if the murdering pig walks, AMERIKKKA must be brought to a halt.”

The leaflet was distributed by two individuals associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party on Grand Boulevard, a busy street that intersects with the university’s quad and splits the two ends of the urban campus.

“If the decision is announced at night, the next day should be a day of NO BUSINESS AS USUAL at schools,” the leaflet stated. “Buildings on campus should be taken over, classes should become teach-ins on police murder of Black people. All this and more should be done.”



    1. Thank you and they are going to be in deep s---if they come up against Patriots.

  2. And don't hold anything back this time, patriots.

    1. It will come at some point and as I mentioned yesterday, it may come totally out of the blue or it may be something that starts out as a minor affair and builds into a crescendo, but there will be a straw that breaks the camel's back in the future.

  3. Hate to pee on your party, but.... Did you ever stop for ONE second think that the COMMUNISTS are already running the country?

    Did you ever stop for one second to think that the police are wrong?
    What is it about the so called patriots (meaning you) claiming and showing all these police abuses, yet when blacks complain they are disregarded vilified?

    It is NOT a matter about Ferguson itself, but Ferguson is a result of more deeper problems that are showing themselves there now.

    It's not a matter of it being strictly about black people but white people too! Difference is the po ol' white people don't have the sense to fight against injustice. This doesn't mean simply writing your congressmen either, or papers to the editor, or hiring a lawyer. The natural result of government gone wild or rogue is civil disobedience, which includes riots. Regardless to the guilt or innocence to black man and cop involved, all people should know and understand that the riots themselves is a result of the MANY abuses cops have committed against the public. But in this case the blacks are actually standing up against it while the whites are acting like cows being led to slaughter.

    I don't necessarily support the riots and mayhem going on in Ferguson and surrounding areas, but I can surely understand why they are doing it.

    The difference in a real and just society of government compared to what you have now is that in a honest society justice would have allowed the cops to treat ALL people as suspects and attack them for no valid reasons, nor would the courts uphold such, nor would the politicians. Yet that is exactly what is happening all across the USA today.

    Truth be told, those people are standing up their own people and justice more than the whites are, by a long shot!

    Before you start attacking for my comments, you had better study on what I wrote for awhile.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

    1. Hate to pee on your party, but.... Did you ever stop for ONE second think that the COMMUNISTS are already running the country?

      As soon as I read the first sentence, I knew it was wise-ass Michael commenting again. I am not a wise-ass and don't get along with wise-asses as I have alluded to you before. I won't waste my time responding to your childless statements, but simply say, get you own blog and you can be a wise-ass there, because you will not be one here again.