Friday, November 21, 2014

IRS Announces They’ve Found 30,000 Lois Lerner E-mails On Back-up Tapes

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Amid a massive document dump of news on the Friday before Thanksgiving the IRS announces they have located “additional” emails sought by congressional inquiry.

Remember, AG Eric Holder is effectively gone now, Obama is a lame-duck -and has done the immigration reform he promised- by dictatorial fiat, and the Senate is about to be run by Republican leadership.  As a consequence all of the parachute cords are being severed, and we’ll see a number of political officials reacting to the “every man/woman for themselves” shift.

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They’re trying to flood the field ahead of Thanksgiving, it’s brutally obvious.  This is classic use of “the bathtub principle” at work:

Today IRS reports recovery of 30,000 Lois Lerner emails from 09′ to 11′

Today House Intel “Panel” Releases Benghazi Report

Today Obama gives speech on highly anticipated immigration Executive Order

Today media and nation await Saint Louis Mike Brown shooting verdict. 100 FBI agents dispatched to Ferguson


  1. apparently this wasn't the only news dump - more Gitmo terrorists were released - the House "panel" led by Mike Rogers (who thankfully didn't run again) released its report on Benghazi and exonerated everybody so what does that do to Gowdy's special investigation? I am starting to get really angry again right before I wanted to go to sleep ;(

    1. Thanks and I didn't realize how many today. Drink that whole bottle of wine, not just a glass, hopefully you will then go into the arms of Morpheus. :)

  2. Good idea, but alas all I have is apple cider ;[

    1. :) We had some excellent cider a couple of days ago.