Friday, November 21, 2014

UNFPA: Children Have Right to Sex, Drugs, Abortion to Reduce Population

Via comment by Sioux on Gay Rights Advocate and Obama Fundraiser Arrested ...

 UNFPA State of World Pop Report 2014

Can't make this crap up.

There are more young people in the world now than ever before. According to the United Nations Population Fund’s latest report, this represents an unprecedented opportunity for progress, but only if future generations are smaller.

UNFPA’s prescription to ensure a “demographic dividend” includes freely available abortion for adolescents, removing age of consent, drug and prostitution laws, and reduced parental involvement in the sexual formation of their children.

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  1. The UN does not and cannot intrude on domestic matters. They're are not worth
    the money American taxpayers are forced to pay them. Just more of the presence
    of globalism.