Friday, November 21, 2014

WORK PERMITS banned from his speech, but not from the Obama amnesty. DECEPTION?


In a 2,200-word speech, he didn't mention "work permits" or "work authorization" even once.

Pres. Obama's huge prime-time TV speech about his big fix of the "broken immigration system" somehow left out the fact that he would be rewarding millions of unlawfully present foreign citizens with three-year work permits to compete directly with struggling American workers.

He hid the most consequential part of his big immigration "deal" from the American people.

The President made it seem like the big change was that he was going to stop deporting illegal aliens who don't have a big felony record. But officials already have acknowledged that the average illegal alien has almost no chance of being deported, anyway.

He told us that if the illegal aliens stay here they have to pay taxes. But he forgot to say they would get work permits and be able to compete for any job in construction, manufacturing, service, programming or any other occupation. Or that they would get Social Security numbers to enable them to obtain all kinds of other documents that could embed them in America for life

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