Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mississippi Gas Station Owner Ali Alsanai Denies Illicit Involvement – Reality Begs To Differ…

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Sunlight does strange things to people’s dispositions.  The local NBC News affiliate WMC5 in Courtland Mississippi appears to have found a new job title for the owner of the M&M First Stop Gas Station, Ali Alsanai.   

Only a few days ago they were reporting that Ali Alsanai, aka Basem Alsanai, aka Ali Fadhel, was the 19-year-old owner/operator of the business.  After 48 hours of scrutiny into the background of Mr. Alsanai all of a sudden, poof, he becomes a “clerk” at the store.  

The title of their on-line article passes him off as merely a “worker”, now.

 Couldn’t have anything to do with the sunlight now upon the business, beer and wine licenses, ATF agents, and ears perked by USDA (*hint* EBT fraud), and IRS interests combining with FBI agents dispatched, while eyes seem curious about his successful entrepreneurship.   You can’t make this stuff up folks.

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