Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Little Miss Sunbeam Story

Via Cousin John


We use their Old Fashioned bread and it is excellent.

Every year beginning just after Thanksgiving, Sunbeam Bread reaches out to remind its customers that Christmas is a time to "reflect on our beliefs and remember those around us, especially those less fortunate."

 For 75 years, Sunbeam has put their faith into action by labeling their bread packages with an iconic image of Little Miss Sunbeam kneeling with folded hands and praying Jesus' words in Matthew 4:4, "Not by bread alone."

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  1. I sure do remember Sunbeam bread - we grew up on it! Here is their history:
    Thanks for the good memory!

    1. Thank you. :) Is it available where you live?

    2. Yest it is. But I don't buy much any more. Dr. says that and pasta (my two very favorite things) are a no-no. But sometimes I sneak some in though!