Friday, February 13, 2015

Field of Lost Shoes: It Could Have Been Worse, Probably



Review of the new film Field of Lost Shoes:

I have written before here and here about the treatment of the South in film. A new entry into that dubious field is the recent “Field of Lost Shoes.” It purports to tell the story of the Virginia Military Institute cadets who at great sacrifice participated in driving back the invading Yankee arsonists and vandals at the Battle of New Market in 1864. It does enact this bit of history, sort of, after a fashion.

*In 96 minutes, including a half hour of battle action, you will not be offended by even a faint glimpse of a (shudder!) Confederate flag. (This horrid object is apparently now banned entirely from V.M.I., even in commemorations of New Market.)


  1. I'm convinced that any 'true' history of that war (or of this Country) is lost. Perhaps we will do better with the history yet to be written.

    1. They speak with forked tongues or their tongues have no bones as some say in Vietnam.

  2. Just watched it on Netflix.
    Saw a couple of quick glimpses of the stars and bars. Lots of unrealistic PC bs.
    It was bad cinema.
    Don't bother.

    1. Thanks for sparing me a heart attack. :) See, I knew you had a good heart even though you were a Yankee......:)