Friday, February 13, 2015

Yemen: They took "30 tanks, 90 military vehicles, 25 armoured vehicles and 28 artillery pieces,"


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned Thursday that Yemen was falling apart and called for action to avert chaos, as Al-Qaeda fighters overran an army camp and seized heavy weaponry.

The UN chief was reporting to the 15-member council after talks with Gulf officials that he said concentrated on "preventing civil war in Yemen".

"Let me be clear: Yemen is collapsing before our eyes. We cannot stand by and watch," Ban told the council.
Long on the front line of the war against Al-Qaeda, Yemen has descended into chaos since Shiite militiamen, known as Huthis, seized Sanaa in September and ousted the government last week.

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  1. One of the next theaters? This one might well belong to the Saudis. Damn! The Kenyan's foreign policy (oxymoron) has everyone scrambling!

    1. Bring the boys home. Think I heard that somewhere before..................