Friday, February 13, 2015

Shock Pouching Is An Effective Way To Bring Game Home


The comments aren't encouraging. 

The list of options for retrieving game out of areas that are inaccessible by vehicle is pretty short. An old mountain man from Arkansas explained to me how his grandmother, back in the 1950s, taught him to carry a deer rather than drag it. She called it “shock pouching.” 

This method, which involves using the lower leg portions to make “backpack straps,” allowed the man to carry bucks over 5 miles on his back. With practice you’ll be able to make the straps in less than 15 minutes, and a man of average strength will be able to carry a 145- to 185-pound animal.


  1. On sloped or swampy lands, I guess it makes sense to carry it like that. On level grassy / woodlands we have, dragging it out is easier for us, HEAD first of course (coat hair runs head to rump). The only time we lift is getting it in the truck and on the meat pole when processing it.

    I did see a very similar way on Discovery's ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE. My wife was curious on how that was done - thanks for the description above.