Friday, February 13, 2015

Shooting the NDM-86 SVD Dragunov


  1. I had one of them back in the 80's. It was OK with the then available Russian sniper / match ammo. Mine shot about the same 1 MOA as his out to 500 yards, but it was pretty shabby with standard ball ammo or when it got hot , never shooting better than 3-4 MOA. It was an OK SDM weapon but not even close to a tuned M-1 NM or M-21 in quality or workmanship. The scope on mine was a dinky 4x25 with a good range finder but it was just crap after dark. If you want another "safe queen" to gather dust, OK , but the mags and good ammo for that one are long gone and even if you find 'em they'll set you back BIG $$$$$$. For less money a man could get a LRB M-14SA with a dropped forged receiver and all the bells and whistles, and have a far better(and MUCH easer to get ammo for) SDM rifle.---Ray

    1. Good Lord, I just checked and they're like $6/7K! Insane. I had no idea. Thanks.