Monday, June 22, 2015

1920s-1950s Living the Havana High Life

Via Cousin Colby


1946: Aline Johnson de Menocal meeting with her personal staff to plan a party.

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  1. I knew a man, now deceased, who was a Chrysler exec. working in Cuba when Castro took over. He was held "captive" for a period of time, I think months but I'm not sure. Castro put him and several other US businessmen up in the finest hotel in
    Havana. They were not free to leave but they had all of the fine food, fine Cuban cigars and booze they wanted. He said when he finally got out of there his wife met him at the airport in Miami. He said she had tears running down her face and so did he but not for the same reason!

    He was some character. He said he was having the time of his life in Castro's Havana. I'm sure his experience was much different from the Cuban people.