Monday, June 22, 2015

Rep. Gary Palmer: "Beyond contempt" for people to push for the removal of the Confederate flag

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The Alabama congressman accused those suggesting that the shooting might not have occurred if the Confederate flag wasn't flying over the state capitol campus of having a political agenda that distracted from the tragedy.

The shooting was allegedly conducted at the hands of Dylan Roof, a white 21-year-old South Carolina resident whose purported website contained a number of racist statements. He also allegedly told police that he gunned down the nine victims because he wanted to spark a race war.

South Carolina's governor and both U.S. senators, all Republicans, called for the flag to be taken down from a Civil War memorial on the state capitol campus. Palmer said the pressure to take the flag down is coming from people using the shooting to advance their political agenda. Palmer was speaking about the suggestion that the mass shooting may have been prevented if the Confederate flag wasn't flying at the South Carolina capitol campus.

"It's people who have an agenda seeking to exploit a tragedy," the freshman congressman told the Matt Murphy Show on Monday morning. "That, to me, that's beyond contempt that here you have this church that's suffered an unspeakable tragedy by a person who has hate to a degree that he's insane and then they try to exploit this tragedy for their own agendas."

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  1. About time common sense makes an appearance.....

  2. If they force the renunciation of our traditions , our religion , our ancestors , and our rightful liberty ; What then would we have to live for? NO! It is better to die as men and be welcomed into the company of our mighty ancestors than to live under the lash of such slavery. Let us draw the line here. If we win, then glory shall be ours forever , and if we die then we may "Cross over the river and rest in the shade of the trees" in better company than we deserve.... Victory or Death....... You in the SPLC and FBI/NSA/DHS reading this ...Take one step further in this matter and we will have nothing more to lose, as you have stated openly that your target is our free speech , our weapons and our religion ; I for one (with many others) believe that this is the step that takes us to the camps, and I'll be damned if I let the feds take my family to a death camp without a fight. ---Ray