Monday, June 22, 2015

"The Battle Flag has always been the first target in the campaign to abolish America."

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First, They Came For The Confederate Battle Flag. Then, They Came For The American Flag—In Fact, They Already Have Done

In the wake of a horrific mass shooting like Dylann Roof’s murder of nine African Americans in Charleston SC, gun control advocates of course claim that gun control would have prevented the tragedy. Conservatism Inc. spokesmen respond “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Yet with racial feeling apparently motivating Roof’s crime, the Left of course blames “racism”—particularly focusing on the Confederate Battle Flag. And, in contrast to its support for gun rights, Conservatism Inc. is quick to abandon the flag. This is yet another reason why it loses every battle in the Culture War.

In fact, beyond Roof’s car having a novelty Confederate license plate, there is nothing to suggest that the Battle Flag had much to do with his views. Even if the flag meant “hate” rather than “heritage” to him, nothing suggests that the flag made him hate blacks, much less kill them. His alleged manifesto does not mention Southern nationalism at all, but it is very explicit about black crime and Main Stream Media manipulation of the Trayvon Martin case, both occurring long after Appomattox.

But the Left seems perfectly happy to endorse this narrative.

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  1. The Left endorses taking down the SC Flag?

    I know...let's vote Republican!

    Mitt Romney----take down the SC FLAG !

    Jen Bush---that flag belongs in a museum!

    Glenn Beck----that rebel has been put down!

    1. None of their business unless they are from SC.

    2. Looks like SC just caved!!

      Haley, Grahmam and a bunch of the legislature is moving at lightning speed to pull the Confederate Flag Down.

      Another sad day for Liberty and Independance and the South.

    3. Yes, but they need 2/3rds, so we shall see.

  2. Gazing upon the two flags side by side, the beauty of the Confederate Flag
    surpasses the other. I am not being facetious, the Confederate Flag is
    more eye appealing. I hope all will start a Confederate Flag reconstruction.

    1. I read an article sometime ago that said the design would be a marketer's dream except for the current campaign against it.

  3. Current campaign against The Flag is the brainwashing syndrome.