Monday, June 22, 2015

Common Culture

Comment on If only economic decline was threatening our futur... by tensmiths

"the integrity of any culture comes from common beliefs and behaviors. while we are all somewhat different and unique, we can still belong in a common culture. once you adopt behaviors and beliefs substantially different from those commonly held by your culture, you are deviating from those cultural values. it doesn't make you diverse. diverse would be following different paths to arrive at the same point of common values. the argument of diversity is a lame attempt to make deviancy acceptable within the culture and thereby redefine everyone else's values to encompass the deviant values. this is not the same as adding a few blueberries to your pancake batter to make it better, it is dropping a few bad apples into the barrel to accelerate the rot of them all. this is the same thing that has destroyed the faith-based boy scouts. you don't get to the point of 100 years of traditions if you abandon those values and redefine them every few years on somebody's whim or you'll undermine the whole thing and prove you do not have any values. and why would anyone want to celebrate that?"

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