Monday, June 22, 2015

Bill Ayers turns a few heads with his assessment of Charleston killings

Via comment by Anonymous on AME Church Massacre Terrorist Dylann Roof Manifest...

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American-grown terrorist and Obama friend Bill Ayers took to Twitter on Friday to blast the killings in Charleston, South Carolina, and label them as — wait for it — American-grown terrorism!

Ayers retweeted a tweet that read “Dear @BarackObama and @HillaryClinton, what happened in Charleston isn’t simply a gun-violence issue. It’s American-grown terrorism.”

More with answering tweets @ Biz Pac


  1. Well, Billy should know one when he sees one.

  2. Hypocrite. He's nothing but a murderer and a high-octane terrorist and as far
    as I am concerned, he lost his right to speak The only reason he didn't serve
    a life sentence is because his family is filthy rich. When the ultra rich walk
    thru the front door of the halls of justice, justice walks out the back door.
    Low life scum.