Monday, June 22, 2015

Let's Remove Spineless Elected Officials in SC Rather than the Confederate Flag

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The Grim Harvest of War - The Valley Campaign by Bradley Schmehl ~

Blazing with the fire of combat, Jackson rode onto the *coaling. He congratulated Taylor and promised him the captured guns. The enemy staggered, but it didn't break. They preserved formation even as they left the field along the road to Conrad's store - pressured all the while by Taliaferro and Winder. Tired after the last few days, the Southerners were not able to pursue rapidly - the infantry pounded out four or five miles and the artillery pushed a few miles farther. The spoils included about 450 prisoners, 800 muskets, one more cannon and some wagons.

"Ever laconic, Jackson dispatched a one-sentence telegram to Richmond advising, 'Through God's blessing the enemy near Port Republic was this day routed with the loss of Six (6) pieces of his artillery.'...Long after the war Richard Taylor recalled, "I have never seen so many dead and wounded in the same limited space. ** In the painting, The Grim Harvest of War, the artist chose to show Major Wheat in uniform, but not "bloody as a butcher". Southern casualties: 816 killed and wounded Union losses including prisoners: 800-1000 Area of the *coaling: less than 1 sq. mile.

*The name Coaling originated because the Lewis family made charcoal there for their blacksmith shop.


In the wake of the Charleston shootings, renewed calls from cultural Marxists have come calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse and it seems that spineless Republicans are incapable of making a stand, including Governor Nikki Haley.
Fox reports:
In a break from her own position, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on Monday called for the removal of the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds.
"The time has come," she said to applause.
Haley joined other state leaders, including Republican state Sen. Tim Scott and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, in calling for the removal of the flag.
"Today we are here at a moment of unity in our state, with no ill will, to say it is time to move the flag from the capitol grounds," Haley said.
It's true, Haley cannot be trusted, but then I said that back when she was elected and turned right around and endorsed liberal Mitt Romney for president.

But why is this an issue? I can tell you why: People simply do not know their history… and yes, that even means Republicans. They hold up people like Abraham Lincoln as a Constitutional icon, when he was nothing of the sort, but a Constitution usurper. Jefferson Davis in his The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government outlined exactly what took place prior to Lincoln assuming office and the reasons why secession was sought… and it wasn't because of slavery. It was because Lincoln had made it known he would violate the Constitution.


  1. downeast hillbillyJune 22, 2015 at 8:54 PM

    A modest suggestion . . .
    I get it. These are FIGHTIN' WORDS. To remove the Confederate battle flag from yet another state government building is an insult to the honor of men who fought to protect their homes from the usurpers and destroyers advocating a tyrannical central government. They say that "the war was over 150 years ago. Let it go."

    F**K that. I learned my history of the War for Southern Independence as a small child, from Granny Lane, who heard it directly from the survivors of Chickamauga. Maybe when I die, it will become less immediate and less visceral. I hope not - I pray that I survive to pass this on to my grandchildren.

    To that end . . . DON'T spend your money on souvenir flags. Take that $35-$80 and buy another box of bullets. We ain't dead YET.

    1. Take that $35-$80 and buy another box of bullets. We ain't dead YET.

      Ha! & never will be one way or another.

  2. I have done both on this sad day. Both flags and ammo. Send the cabbage eater back to India!

    1. We have failed our forefathers.

    2. Yes we have. What a glorious start we had....and to lose it eighty years in....Tragedy, though on a positive point we have a blue print for next time!

      As well remember George Washington knew as long as he had an army in the field we were still in the game, for the Brits to capture a city, two cities, a region it didn't matter with the army in the field we had a chance and we did it!