Monday, July 6, 2015

And Again – Another Woman Shot In Back Of Head “Random Act of (Black) Violence” While Walking In Hollywood…

 carrie jean melvin

Black male walks up to random couple walking, takes out a shotgun and blasts the female in the back of the head.

The victim has been identified as Carrie Jean Melvin, age 30.

Even though police are desperately asking for help from the public, the article below -and  media broadcast- does not give a full description of the suspect.  To find that out, yet again, you’d have to scour around:

More with video @ The Last Refuge


  1. If I was the boyfriend, till my dying breath I would hunt.....

  2. Keyser Soze comes to mind.

    1. Thanks and I wasn't familiar with him, but looked him up.

  3. this is like the 3rd-4th story today with a repeating pattern....wonder if any of these are what Obama's son would look like?

  4. Paul Kersey is the name I noticed in one of the TCH comments - that's the one that makes more sense as a strategy.

  5. oh missed one.......

  6. Investigators say no words were exchanged during the attack, which they do not believe was random. Seems reasonable as I could not understand why the boyfriend
    was not shot.