Monday, July 6, 2015

WacoGate II

Waco is leaking lies again.

Detective Manuel Chavez has admitted to a defense attorney that he perjured himself when he presented a fill in the name criminal complaint to Justice of the Peace Walter H. “Pete” Peterson on May 18.

Chavez presented the complaint which began, “Before me, the undersigned authority, personally appeared the affiant herein, a peace officer under the laws of Texas, who being duly sworn, on path made the following statements and accusations:

“My name is Manuel Chavez and I am commissioned as a peace officer with the City of Waco by The Stale of Texas. I hereby state upon my oath that I have reason to believe and do believe that heretofore, and before the making and filing of this Complaint, that on or about May 17, 2015, in McLennan County, Texas, the said” (insert name here) “dld then and there, as a member of a criminal street gang, commit or conspire to commit murder, capital murder, or aggravated assault, against the laws of the State.”

No Evidence

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  1. A LEO committing perjury? I am shocked I tell you, just positively shocked! Just who does he think he is to lie on a sworn statement, a member of Congress? What is the country coming to, when one expects our betters (lawyers and LEOs) to obey the same laws us commoners are under?