Monday, July 6, 2015

Appalachian Messenger July 3rd 

Trading Places

The US and Europe are adopting the model that Russia, China and India are discarding.

The failure of command and control is writ large across the twentieth century and  the  first fifteen years of the twenty-first culminating in the collapse of the Soviet Union  and  upheaval and transition away from the Maoist model in China.  

The  Western  nations  are  not  yet totalitarian  night-mares. Russia, China and India are not libertarian paradises and may never be so. What is important for real-time analysis as history unfolds, is to recognize the direction and magnitude of incremental moves at the margin, which yields the conclusion that the latter are moving away from statism while the former increasingly embrace it. Not only do these trends have important geopolitical implications, they suggest an investment strategy far different, and far more profitable, than the one most Western investors, individuals and institutions, currently employ. 


  1. Somebody has to take up the fight. I hope this doesn't anger the US gov/Obama: