Monday, July 6, 2015

The Big Push For the SC House

Via Dean

Friends of the Confederate Battle Flag,

Most of you are now aware that the SC Senate voted to remove the Confederate Battle Flag after refusing all amendments by a vote of 37-3. In fact, after the proposed amendment by Senator Lee Bright to substitute The First National Flag of the Confederacy failed it was clear it is not The Confederate Battle Flag in their sights it is everything Confederate. Senator Bright announced he was not in favor of his amendment, but proposed it strictly to see how that body would react if offered a Flag not associated with racism or hatred.

Now we need the SC House to stand firm with the only compromise allowed is a statewide referendum. If the House calls for a referendum the Senate will follow! We MUST KEEP THE EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS TO OUR REPRESENTATIVES UP!

You can find all of the numbers for the House and Senate members at National SCV Heritage Defense site.

This will be on the agenda tomorrow when the House goes back into session. Let those that are not behind KEEPING THE FLAG FLYING know the People of South Carolina will be heard from on this issue one way or another (votes count). None of them wish to face their constituents if the Flag comes down.

We cannot waiver at this late date our ancestors certainly did not. If we force these men to take the Flag from our clutched hands then we have fought the battle of our ancestors, and we like them can hold our heads high. I ask each and every one of you to reach deep within yourselves call every one of our Representatives again, and send more emails. Our actions can stop this assault on Dixie.

You can find all of the individual Senate Emails here – Senate Email Addresses

You can find all of the individual House Member Emails here –  House Email Addresses

Accept my admiration for the rank and file membership of the South Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and our friends. You truly have made a difference, and it is my great honor to be a small part of this valiant endeavor no matter what the outcome of tomorrow in the SC House.

Yours in support of our Cause,

Rollis Smith
Lieutenant Commander 2nd Brigade,
South Carolina Division (Life Member)
Sons of Confederate Veterans (Life Member)
Dean Stevens, 1902 Wellington Rd, Cayce, SC 29033, United States

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