Monday, July 6, 2015

Is the Confederate Flag “Becoming Illegal”?

Via Billy

Since July 4th is the day we are supposed to celebrate our “freedom” under this glorious Union, I thought it was appropriate today to take note of this short article I came across on the Rebellion Blog Spot the other day. It fit in so perfectly with our vaunted “freedom and independence” in the “freest country in the world” (according to Bush 2) I just couldn’t pass it up.

A man in a city in Florida was not happy with the politically correct stance of Walmart in their mad rush to empty their stores of Confederate flags after the tragedy in Charleston, which is conveniently being blamed on the flag instead of the medication the young man was on. So he went and stood in front of his local Walmart with a Confederate flag, fastened to a plastic pole.

It didn’t take the Thought Police, this time in the form of the local police, long to arrive to apprehend this most dangerous threat to society–after all this man was carrying one of those “racist” flags!


  1. The Sothern Confederacy is a matter of history. The continued stirring of racial tensions by the radical left and the Obama administration are getting people killed, both black and white. Slavery is not about to make a comeback. Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis are not going to come riding out of Richmond leading a new Army of Northern Virginia.

    The Civil War ended 150 years ago. We will all be better off when leftist racists who believe that some lives matter more than others stop trying to start a new one.