Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Trains between Denmark and Germany halted amid refugee crisis

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Train services between Denmark and Germany have been stopped because of exceptional passport checks at border, introduced amid the worsening refugee crisis, according to a statement by Denmark's state owned train operator DSB. 
Passport checks at the German-Danish border, as well as in the Danish towns of Padborg and Rodby, led to “long delays” in international rail services on Wednesday, DSB said.

 About 100 migrants, who arrived to the Danish port city of Rodby from Germany, *refused to leave the train, having no wish to be registered in the country according to the EU rules, Danish police spokeswoman Anne Soe told AP. *Aw, poor things, how about being sent back from where you came?

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  1. For those with poor eyesight
    from a lifetime of harvesting
    cat shit with a knitting needle, this
    is what TOTAL DEFEAT looks like.
    Without a single clenched fist.
    Without a single punch throw.
    Without a single fight fought.
    Without a single shot fired.
    America you're next for another round.
    Bend over for the Doc who forgot his KY
    but remembered his sandpaper coated gloves: Migrants crossing Denmark will not be stopped by police -

    "We can't detain foreigners who do not want to seek asylum (in Denmark)," Denmark's police chief Jens Henrik Hoejbjerg said. "Therefore, there is no other option than to let them go, and we cannot prevent them from traveling wherever they want."
    This is what craven compromise gets you.
    When you hide from the truth
    that eventually the only correct response is force of arms, this is what happens.

    1. Thanks.

  2. Wonder who was the benevolent donor of these relief items sent specifically for the "refugees" in Greece:

    1. Whoa. Thanks.