Thursday, November 10, 2016

A warning from a Southern nationalist

Via Nancy

  Lee Circle in New Orleans after Trump’s victory (Such class........)

It is commonplace for the victor in a hotly-contested political race to offer an olive branch to the loser in the form of a pledge to work together and govern in the interests of everyone. This might work in a homogeneous society in which most of the fundamental things are agreed upon by both the winning and losing sides. However, in modern multicultural, multi-racial America it will not work. The interests of the two sides are diametrically opposed and it amounts to the old zero-sum game–we win, you lose.

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  1. Time to round up these pavement apes and put them in work camps. How's that for white privilege, fuckers. Just think, I had been a very nice proper great grandmother until the last 8 years. Wouldn't say shit if I had a mouthful....but now I won't put up with these uneducated black bastards any more.

    1. I had been a very nice proper great grandmother until the last 8 years.

      :) Good girl.

  2. Hi Brock,
    All this takes my memory back a few years to when the Jury brought back the "Not Guilty" verdict against the police officers on trial for Beating Rodney King to a pulp!! 'Got home from work after stoppin' at "the Bluffs" and flipped on the TV...Reg. programming was interrupted by scenes from the Ch. 4 Telecopter whose camera was focused on the street corner of "Florence and Normandy" that "Spot" came to be known as the "trigger Point" for what came to e known as "The Rodney King Riots!!!!!"
    I think it was "Okland, Ca." where after Don got "TWO-SEVEN-ZERO" that the gauntlet got dropped!! 'Have to say that "Flash Points" were several and time wise separated by only minutes!!
    It was noted by a friend of mine back when that noticed that the "'King Riots" subsided the following Wednesday...He said,"Yeah, that's when they got their Welfare Checks!!" Some how I don't think that is how this event will turn out........
    Got Gunz.......OUTLAW!!!!!,
    skybill-standing-by....for now

  3. I take it that the "Can't we just all get along" is off the table and not an option. As someone else sagely commented; you don't have enough ammo.

  4. What did any of you expect?
    If you live in an AO with prominent
    memorials to the Confederacy, its soldiers, history and honored dead, you should have had the common sense to get off your
    lazy ass (following Trump's win) to guard those sites against vandalism by treasonous shitbags and communists.
    Really, what did you expect?
    They are communists, SJW's, and limp wrist liberal precious snowflakes, but they are certainly skilled at quickly organizing a tactical
    'flank and spank' of their enemies.
    Just take a look at Lee Circle and Richmond.



    1. Thanks and I didn't see a mention of the Hell's Angels.....?