Thursday, November 10, 2016

Coulter: Trump Victory Boils Down To "Globalism vs. Nationality"

Via Billy

Bestselling author and early Trump advocate Ann Coulter appeared on 'Good Morning Britain' shortly after the Republican candidate officially won the presidency.

"It was entirely predictable, that's why lots of us did predict it," she said about Trump's victory.

"It is all part of the same thing," Coulter said about the issues Trump won on: Jobs, economy, immigration, and trade.

"That is globalism vs. nationality."

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  1. Congrats on the win. I hope Trump is all we hoped he'd be, or at least proves better than Hillary likely would have been.

    Seems we're supposed to apply pressure, criticise him when he tries to fill a position with someone we don't like. That might leave him to few options. In business, he could just offer more money, but he can't do that in DC.

    I hope he finds the right people. And I don't exactly believe in Trump; I just know he'll be better than Hillary.

    1. I don't exactly believe in Trump

      Thanks and I will until proven otherwise. :)