Thursday, November 10, 2016

Art Robinson for Congress: Maybe the 4th Time will be the charm!

Dear Friends,

I am writing to thank you all for your wonderful help in our recent and previous congressional campaigns.

While we did not win in this election cycle, we significantly improved.

Congressional District 4 Oregon is geographically the size of the country of Switzerland and has 350,000 homes. Communicating with these homes with the impediment of a 30-year unprincipled career politician constantly misrepresenting our policies is a formidable task.

Still, in all three previous elections, we won in all 4 rural counties. (No other challenger had ever before won more than one county against DeFazio since he became entrenched in office.)

This time we won 5 of the 7 counties, including a 5th county that is part rural and part urban.

The remaining 2 counties are urban centers that each includes a large university, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. These counties are affluent as a result of very large influxes of government money to the universities and have typically leftist tendencies.

We received 40% of the vote overall.

Please accept the most respectful thanks from the Robinson family to all of you who have supported us in this unusual but worthwhile endeavor.

Sincerely yours,


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