Monday, May 1, 2017

Remembering Confederate heritage: Southern states had a right to secede from the United States

Via Billy

In 1874, the Georgia Legislature created a public holiday denoting April 26 as Confederate Memorial Day and in 2009 it passed Senate Bill 27, which permanently designates April as Confederate History and Heritage month. Gov. Nathan Deal in 2015 ignorantly joined the Marxist Socialist revisionist movement, which is attacking everything Southern and Confederate along with America’s founding fathers. He removed the names of two state holidays — Robert E. Lee’s Birthday and Confederate Memorial Day. They are now state holidays without names. Karl Marx is quoted: “People separated from their heritage are easily persuaded.”


  1. A good depiction of the tyrant Lincoln. Basically, he
    thought the South were slaves for the North. He totally
    disrespected the South. He, alone, caused the South to
    go its separate ways. He left a path for other future
    presidents to follow leaving the Founder's foundations for
    this new country in shambles. He is closely related to
    the Bolsheviks.If any monument should have been torn down,
    his is the one. Pure propaganda.

    1. If any monument should have been torn down,
      his is the one.


  2. Damn. That is a good Karl Marx quote. Ty.

    I rarely curse, but that is an exceptional quote.